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Friday, November 19, 2010


Good Friday bras!
Yea, this post will be short and concise. I have to be absent from Blogger for a not so clear period.
How much time I'll be far away from Blogger? I've just said you, I dunno. I may retourn tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next month. Oh for sure, I may never retourn if I die before, but I hope to survive.
Why? I have a woman's heart to conquer again, it's not so simple. I explain it better; it can be relatively simple, if I have all my time at my disposal. 
But unfortunately I have my first university exam to take during first days of December, and lessions will take all my lavorative days.

So I've not too much time to dedicate to follow you. Yes, as you well know I'm on Blogger just to follow all you bras (my posts are mostly random), cuz blogging is an opportunity to discover new things and a lot of new english words. Ups, I forgot, I'm here also to earn some money with AdSense. I admit it, this Blog was born to be a way of earning. But, honestly, I'm careful, I don't want to rob from AdSense publishers. Most of my initial followers had their AdSense accounts closed; I dunno why, but I think they didn't be careful.
Thus my earnings are now lower, but I don't actually care about it. If you, my true follower, will be attracted by one of my ads, please don't worry and click it, I'll be grateful with you.
Thanks to Futomara and its tutorial Blog (now Blogger Tutorials, Tips & Tricks) I often look at my stats, and I've some ideas about who likes to click my ads (cuz he/she is chemically attracted by them, not cuz they want to rob money to someone); I admit I deem more charming my true clicker ads than the other ads. I'm just talking about chemical attraction with ads, nothing else; have you ever heard about it? Maybe not; maybe I've never heard about it too. It's difficult to hear about something does not exist. Isn't it? I'm spending too much time in this post, it will not talk about religion now.

Long story short, I've to be absent from Blogger and my followers for I dunno how long time.
What was last thing I've done? I've done what Futomara suggests in this post, and I suggest to you all to do the same and ask him more.
The Chitika Team said me they're temporarily holdin' off to approving new domains and accounts, well, I'll be patient and who will survive will see.

I hope you'll be symphatetic with me, I'll retourn, I promise it to you. When I'll come back you'll see me in a comment in your own Blogs, and maybe in a little increase with your ads.
I please you to follow my personal bloglist bloggers, they're great.

I love you all bras,
see you soon

Cliff Miller


  1. Aiight bro, will do :) Have a nice vacation from blogging!

  2. Ok. Will miss you while you're gone.

  3. conquer the heart, and return swiftly!

  4. goodluck with exams. Hopefully you, and all of us survive the Blogger Holocaust.

  5. A figure of truth, of faith, of loyalty: Following!

  6. Hey man. Sometimes real life get in the way with wasting time.

  7. don't do it for adsense. they won't pay.

  8. A figure of truth, of faith, of loyalty: Following!

  9. I'm a little concerned about you calling everyong "bra".....


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