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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Think it like a game - Cliff's Neobux Strategy

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Hi all bras,
today I wanna improve first guide I wrote about the best PTC with a strategy that will help your first steps on Neobux. The Guide's purpose is to prove Neobux is a serious site and to introduce you to the system, this strategy will help you in your first approach.
Yep, it's the way you need to follow to start using Neobux without getting bored soon.
If you follow my instructions and tips you'll be able to be a serious business man in few months, BUT, you need to begin it like a game.

Well, as I told you our success story is build up with a little daily income, I begun earning 1 $ first month, 3$ the second one, 7$ third month and luckily about 30$ the fourth; soon I'll tell you how.
Now my income is monitored and updated by this banner, if you watch it tomorrow you'll see what I've earned is increased; if you are watching this banner and this topic is written about a year ago, you're monitoring how I've earned NOW, in the moment in which you're reading it.
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If you didn't read it, go >here< and learn what Neobux is, then continue reading this topic.

The game begins

First of all, go down in your Neobux page and click "Adalert" button, on the right corner.
You've to choose your browser plug-in and install it.
Now your browser will say you when a new ad is ready to be clicked.
Remember this alert have an about 10 seconds delay, so it will be hard to gain money from 0,01$ and 0,015 ads, but often I've been lucky.

• Your first month will be a boring month, all you need to do is to click your ads: two minutes per day.

Another important thing you really need to know is that each ad you click will give you three bonus ads which will not pay you, but give you a chance to win a prize.
Everyone may win 0,25$ to 50$ every day.
You can choose to click also these ads called Adprize: this will extend the time you've to spend on Neobux: five minutes per day. 95% of the people stops clicking Adprizes because winning chances are very rare. I strongly recommend to you to click every single ad of them.
I won 25$ and Golden Membership (90$) extended for a year in this way, only the fourth month of life in this site; so you'll notice that is the way to improve our business process.

Remember to think it as a game, not as a work. A lot of useless activities will take 10 minutes or more, and them are not a work; in this way we're spending 5 minutes per day playing a game in which we have to click ads and gain money. Not real money, Monopoly money which we're going to invest in little factories of little income. It's not a work, it's a game. At least the first months.

If you trust in Neobux and you decide to invest your personal real money from your PayPal you're welcome, doing that you'll transform your game in a serious business.
But I suggest you to try it out like a game first, and in a second time, when you become familiar with this system, to invest.
I invested 30$ in all, and as you can see I regain them totally.

• Your second month is the month in which you start building your little empire of factories.
If you use your computer daily Adalert will alert you lots of ads; I suggest to you waiting to earn 2$ before to invest your little money.
Then rent 3 referrals for 30 days and until the last day of this month you'll collect the rest of the sum you need to extend their rental for 240 more days.
If you decide to invest 5$ instead of waiting I suggest to rent 5 refs with 1$ and other 4$ will be spent to extend them.
Remember you can win a random sum of money between 0,25$ and 50$, which will economize your time; you'll be able to rent more referrals in less time.
My suggestion is: rent 1 ref for each dollar you have.

Other months: continue this strategy patiently, rent refs, extend them for more 240 days, then rent other refs again.

I remember you again: click every Adprize ad, this is the only way - if you don't wanna invest real money - to grow faster, the only way which will evolve your game in a serious business.

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