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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beware of titles!

Good Tuesday bras!
Today I wanna show you an old vid I used to love, every time I watch it I ROTFL.
So, I wrote "family guy popeye" on YT search and I found a perfect title:
Popeye on Family Guy (HQ/Full).
That's awesome, let's watch it :D

My face turned kinda like this D:
I hate you CompleteNowTryLater, you're fucking funny. Yea, I admitted it.

But, luckily, I believed in a poor title: popeye.flv
And whut I found clickin' on it?

This video, video I'm lookin' for! :D
Ok ok, first video is a funny idea, I admit it, but damnit, I cried ç_ç


  1. ahaha family guy is stupidfunny

  2. I used to watch family guy when it was on. i like the one where jesus was with them at the dinner table and he made lois' boobs huge. but popeye is pretty funnny too

  3. crazily enough i actually just watched that episode

  4. LOL man, what's up with the first one? So random and infuriating ahaha

  5. lol family guys the best. and wtf on the first one.


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