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Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm back?

Hi bras, who is here again? Me :D
You don't care about it I suppose, but I'm here anyway.

I'm back, as I promised you, but not with the same regularity of past days.
I have many exams to take, I gotta study many many things.
But don't worry bras, I'm here again and I'll post every time I can do it.

Whut am I talking about today?
I'm talking about Chitika.
I have no time to do it fully now, but my aim is to introduce it briefly.

What is Chitika?
Chitika offers you cool interactive ad units called eMiniMalls to place on your blog or website, in turn you will be paid per click on the merchant listings.
If you got banned with your AdSense, you have now a second chance; if you don't get banned... you can use both AdSense and Chitika ads!
To sign up is really easy, you just have to click the banner below and to insert your personal infos. If you are not accepted initially, don't worry, you'll be accepted later.

Get Chitika | Premium

During next days I'll collect more exhaustive infos and I'll post it.
Have a good day bras.

Disclaimer: the links to Chitika in this post are affiliate links – if you sign up using these links I earn a small amount as a commission. It does not impact what you earn from Chitika but rather is paid by Chitika. While these links are affiliate links I genuinely believe in the product and have pointed out both its benefits and weaknesses.


  1. Welcome back bro! I'll have to check out Chitika!

  2. it seems more and more people are being banned by adsense nowadays, so it's good to see there are alternatives! keep us updated!

  3. I'm going to do the same thing shortly with Chitika, I've been on it almost a week in conjunction with adsense.....

  4. Good to have you back. I use a quality over quantity policy for my blog to.

  5. good look, let us know what you learn

  6. I might give it a shot, I already am set on ads now though.

  7. you put a nice post today!

  8. good luck on your exams and welcome back :D

  9. Hey, man, happy studying! I'll be definitely be checking back for your posts on Chitika.

  10. Good that you're back man! And I've heard of that program, maybe I'll check it out :)

  11. welcome back, I'll try that link if the banhammer ever comes down =/

  12. Waiting for unscrupulous exhaustive infos. :D

  13. I've used Chikita, I think adsense still pays the best.

  14. Thanks for the link :) I've already signed up with Chikita but I'm still at $0.00 lolol

  15. thanks a but load. but How about in asia. Im rrreeeeeaaaalllyyy poor. but I live on a farm... and have a kick ass laptop. and have a bunch of programmer friends... and ...welll actually let me re phrase that.. im not rich. but thought id write things in your junk any ways.


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