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Sunday, June 24, 2012

NeoBux - Official guide to the most serious PTC on the web

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Neobux is the best PTC (paid to click) site, and this guide will not have to prove that; maybe the millions of users who for four years are actively using it will prove that, with a little income every day. Little, but with a great potential.
In fact, these days - from April 30, 2012 - Neobux has entered its fifth year of operation, and this proves its reliability, payments are real and there is no way to spend our own money without our consent. Yes, no investiment needed for cash out.

Anyone is just thinkin' it's the usual scam and is gonna close this tab on his/her browser, have to look first the official forum of the site through this "link" for a few minutes, where will be linked to the section Payment Proof (proof of payments received), where currently over 24,500 topics have been posted with lots of screenshots of PayPal or Payza payments, a number that increases daily as users receive payments.
I think you already know Paypal, it is used by millions of people for shopping safely online (it's the same you've to use in eBay purchases), no confirmations for receiving money, but a couple of safe confirmations to pay someone are needed; nothing safeful.

Well, answered to the main questions which usually discourage the more skeptical and superficial, it's important to point out that Neobux is not a site for children, people unfriendly or impatient, it's a site that really pays the persistence and dedication of time, not a lot of your time. As little as 5-10 minutes/day to manage your account and see the results, the time that will be wasted by television is invested in real money in this way.

If you want to see my personal experience's proof, the amount shown in this banner is my actual earned sum: if you look at this ban next hour, next day, next week, you'll see my income increased, because it's my real balance.
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Let's start.
To join the site is easy and the terms and conditions of the contract allows us to be sure about the seriousness in which we are gonna invest:

Clicking on the following "link" we are redirected to the home, in which we see the green button "Register Now", which when clicked brings us to the registration screen.
Compiled by entering in the fields Nickname, email of our Paypal / Payza account - important because it is the address where they'll send the payment -, password you choose and year of birth to confirm, you are right.
All this for FREE.

Here we are on the site, where we'll see a screen like this (link) where you will notice a series of colorful banners, that's how you can gain in concrete:

Green banner - which we can see numbered on a little gray square
They appear and disappear within a few minutes, once clicked you will gain $ 0.001;
Purple banner - you'll see purple on the right top of the page
They are more stable but they are about four to  fifteen a day, these are $ 0.001;
Orange banner - orange top
They are the most important, they'll appear only four a day, all together when the server determines the time of the "refresh" of the banner - each user has a different time that will always be the same as all the banner listed will be clickable - these are also valid as the other two, but soon we'll find out their role.
Bonus banner - green or blue
They appear randomly and remain available for approximately one minute, depending on the value: 0.005, 0.01, or $ 0.015; it's rare to validate them and to receive the sum before they disappear, but they'll give you a lot.

Once our daily banner are clicked the job is done, five minutes and you've finished, those who will stop here will make up $ 1 per month, for 5 minutes every day I'd say it's wasting of time.

Here is the real profit:
After a month of regular attendance on site we'll be enabled to receive referrals.
A referral is a person - real person - which as we've done joined the site, but it is somehow linked to our account, there are two types:
Direct: users who sign up through our link;
Rented: users which will be rented for x months for small amounts but which will gave us ten times more than the direct referrals.
A direct referral, for each click on his orange banner - and only orange ones, here is their importance - give us $ 0.0005, for a total of 0.0005 x4 banner = $ 0,002 daily, a ridiculous sum.
A rented referral for each click on his orange banner we will earn $ 0.005, so $ 0.02 total, which is ten times the profit that we have from direct referrals. 
So a couple, a dozen of direct referrals sucks, they're useful if we have a thousand of em.

We can easily understand real profit from this site comes out from rented referrals.
To rent 3 referrals for 30 days costs us $ 0.60 - the minimum rentable "package" at once is 3, maximum of 100, but in any case, the single referral will cost you $ 0.20 - if one makes 4 clicks on the orange daily banner we said that will make $ 0.02 per day, which are $ 0.60 for thirty days, money spent to rent all of them, but if we said we rented three refs, there are two others that will earn $ 1.80 in sum, clean.
Now we suppose to have rented 300 referrals, the maximum limit for Standard users: Every 30 days we may gain $ 180, which are not crumbs.

Let's be honest, three referrals, which we remember to be people like us, which unfortunately aren't constant, in reality one of them will click one day and next day the other two, it's rare that all refs will click every day. But just suppose to have an average of 1.5 clicks every day instead of 4, we'll gain lots of cash if we think of large numbers.

The site makes the first payment once obtained a minimum of $ 2, the second one at $ 4 and so on until we arrive at $ 10, then payout is every time $ 10, credited immediately, without waiting, to our PayPal account or Payza.

Let's be honest again: $ 2 is a pittance, not worth spending two months to get so little.
So what? Invest that cash renting referrals, obviously. This is the logic.
In this way the first few months we'll earn 1 $, but after 3 months we will see the numbers increase, referral after referral.

You can pay $ 90 to switch to Golden Membership, which will allow us to collect for a year ten times the normal direct referrals normally make and two times the rented refs earnings.
You understand correctly, the first $ 100 made in a month, considered that everyone will not click every time, at least will become $ 200 per month. And with the Gold limit rented referrals increases, then we can have more than 300 referrals clicking for us.

So no earnings in the first few months, think about it as an investment, large gains going forward in time, always with no more than 10 minutes a day, legally obtained.
Think about it.

I remember you the link through you can register for free at: Register now.

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