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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chitika eMiniMalls Review

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Hi bras, followers and not!
Today is the day I've expected, I'm gonna talk you about Chitika eMiniMalls.
I found all theese infos at Problogger site , ClickFire one, Search For Blogging and Wikipedia; all of em are a bit old, but they're well done.

Whut is Chitika?
The sexy sounding name Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka) has nothing to do with bananas.
Chitika was created by Venkat Kolluri (formerly of Upromise) and Alden DoRosario, both former Terra Lycos data mining engineers. The company appeared out of nowwhere in May 2003 to become a leading player in the emerging industry of contextual advertising. Chitika announced the release of eMiniMalls in June of 2005.
The name Chitika means "in a snap" in the South Indian language of Telugu.
Chitika offers search-targeted advertising solutions. The ad units can be used on websites alongside with Google AdSense or as an AdSense alternative.

Whut is Chitika eMiniMalls?
Chitika eMiniMalls is described a million different ways on the Chitika web site and by enthusiastic webmasters. Among them are “Interactive merchandising service” and the “intelligent and interactive online product merchandising kiosks.” The creative term, “eMinimalls” does a great job of describing the service for everyone. To the webmaster, Chitika eMiniMalls is a snippet of code placed on a site that can target ads to the content and pay each time the ad is clicked by a visitor. To the web site visitor, Chitika eMiniMalls is an interactive informative ad related to the page being viewed.

Chitika | Premium
Chitika | Premium displays ads to visitors that reach a page directly from a major search engine. They detect the search query used by the visitor and then return ads that best match that search query. Returning well-targeted, highly relevant ads should result in a higher Click-through rate. This is how the ads monetize the "second click". All Chitika | Premium ads are Pay per click (PPC) and are promoted by Chitika as their best performing ad product for publishers based on effective Cost per impression (eCPM).
Chitika | Premium ad units are 100% compatible with Google AdSense. According to Chitika the Chitika | Premium ad units do not conflict with the Google AdSense terms of use because the ad units are not contextual and the ad units do not look like Google AdSense ads.

Chitika | Select
Chitika expanded their ad display to show to more than just your search traffic! What this means to you? Your Chitika ads will now show to some of your non-search traffic so you can generate more revenue.
The new ads are called Chitika Select. Using their click-prediction technology, Chitika will display Select ads on your blog when there is a higher chance the ad will be clicked.
How will this affect your revenue/stats?
Whenever Select ads are displayed on your blog it will result in more impressions to your Chitika ads automatically. The more impressions to your Chitika ads, the higher revenue. Chitika estimates Select ads could give bloggers a 5 – 10% revenue increase on top of Premium alone.
The good thing is, you do not have to make any changes to your Chitka ads; this happened automatically starting Monday, March 8th, 2010

Will Chitika | Select Ads look different than Chitika | Premium?
Sometimes. Similar to how Google shows image/banner ads if they determine that it is the highest paying ad for a certain user visiting the site, we will do the same. Some of your users will see ads with the Chitika | Premium format and others will see ads that look different but will pay more.

What About the Performance? 
Chitika eMiniMalls promises to “outshine static banner ads” and give webmasters the power to “generate revenue beyond banner advertising.” Got a low performing, high traffic Google AdSense site? Run a split test and see which one performs better. Performance will vary depending on the types of site conten, ad inventory and bid prices. Chitika eMiniMalls ads can be displayed on the same page with Google AdSense ads if the contextual function is turned off with javascript:void(0)a line of code (ch_non_contextual = 1;). This is currently the the default.
At the time of this writing (Last Updated: 04-10-2009, Published: 11-23-2007 ), webmasters are paid 60% of ad revenue generated. Webmasters tend to appreciate the disclosure of the payout percentage.

Chitika makes payments 30 days after month end in US Dollars to the a publisher’s PayPal account once the balance reaches $50. Webmasters can run Chitika eMinimalls on mulitple web sites as long as the terms and conditions are met.

English Sites only 
At this point they are only accepting English sites into the program. While this is sad for non English sites I guess they have to start somewhere. Hopefully they’ll widen it later at some point.

Ok, but: How to sign up?
It's really, really easy. You just have to click the banner below or each of any "Chitika" words you find in this post. It is a fast and simple process, faster tha AdSense one.
If you are not accepted initially, don't worry, you'll be accepted later.

Get Chitika | Premium

Disclaimer: the links to Chitika in this post are affiliate links – if you sign up using these links I earn a small amount as a commission. It does not impact what you earn from Chitika but rather is paid by Chitika. While these links are affiliate links I genuinely believe in the product and have pointed out both its benefits and weaknesses.

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