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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Frankenstein Junior: a special homage

Good Saturday bras!
And maybe good Sunday if this post will be the only of this weekend.
Today (and tomorrow, that will be become a new today :O ) I wanna talk you about...
About whut? you may ask.
No, I think you don't ask it now and you'll never ask it in your future lifes.
Why? Cuz most of my followerz, my sweet bras (you're beautiful <3) don't read what I write in my posts.
So, I decided to try a little funny experiment. Why it's funny? 

Cuz it's funny for me. And maybe for other readers which really wanna read what I'm writing right now.
Yea, if you're so true to read until this point, you are one of few people which is goin' to know that this post will never talk about Frankenstein Junior (except for now).
This post will instead talk about Armero tragedy:

File:Darkling beetle.jpg
The Armero tragedy was the major consequence of the November 13, 1985, eruption of Nevado del Ruiz in Tolima, Colombia. 
After 69 years of dormancy the eruption caught nearby towns unaware, even though the government had received warnings to evacuate the area from multiple volcanological organizations when volcanic activity had been detected in September 1985
I'm just joking, this article is taken from here (link), a randomic Wiki article I found on Homepage under this name "Today's featured article"; probably you'll neve read this, so I paste the rest of the part of this interesting article.
As pyroclastic flows erupted from the volcano's crater, they melted the mountain's glaciers, sending four enormous lahars (volcanically induced mudslides, landslides, and debris flows) down its slopes at 60 kilometers (37 mi) per hour. The lahars picked up speed in gullies and coursed into the six major rivers at the base of the volcano; they engulfed the town of Armero, killing more than 20,000 of its almost 29,000 inhabitants. Photographs of the lahars and the impact of the disaster captured attention worldwide and led to controversy over the degree to which the Colombian government was responsible for the disaster.,  you may ask to yourself: what? a beetle? Yes, a beetle, what is goin' wrong with you? This post isn't about Beetles? One of my friends love The Beetles and I played Magic cards with him some Sundays ago.
Thus, let's talk about Power Rangers, I know you're waiting for this moment from years. I stopped to watch Them when they became Ninjas. Why Power Rangers may desire to morph into Ninjas? Why not into samurai? I love samurais, they are great, they have ideals.
I'm writing without a banana image, how can I write without a banana image on my left side? Well, I searched with Google Images: banana. Look, isn't it wonderful? For sure.
But this post will be not the same without a random video. I'm goin' wrong? A respectable random nonsense post must have a random video. So you, my true reader, may choose if to comment with a random: Frankenstain Junior, I luvd dat film! (Damn, I wrote about it again). Or: Great beetle man! And why not with: LoL, funny banana. If you want you can write something about Armero tragedy, or video I'm gonna post. But I will not be surprised if I'll find some generic comment about nothing.
Don't worry bras, I do the same sometimes, when I'm bored; this is not a critic, I'm just having fun.

What I'm waiting for? It's video time! But whut can I share today? Wait for a minute, I now open YouTube page and I search something interesting; without any logic sense, obviously. Perfect, YT is suggesting me to watch this video, about a Samsung Board I think is a bad imitation of iPad.
But never fear! I dunno what its features are, maybe it's better than iPad.
What you're waitin' for? Write a comment about whut do you think about this :D
What I mean with "this"?
Dunno, the only thing I know is I lost The Game again.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab , wow nice, cant wait to see it for myself

  2. im gonna buy this instead of expensive ipad.

  3. Gadgets and beetles. Great combination.

  4. Still on the fence about asking for a galaxy tab for Christmas.

  5. saw the galaxy yesterday, it's way 2 slow..

  6. kid I think you need to take your medication XD

    when I was like 8 the power rangers came to me school when a 5th grader won a contest when the first power rangers movie came out with ivan ooze. it was pretty sweet. we all got a pair of sneakers.

  7. Holy crap dude, I totally see what you mean. Look at all the posts above me :o (besides Yllsa).
    I'm pretty sure volcanoes are one of the sweetest traits of our planet. If I was a planet, I would make sure to have lots of volcanoes. or beetles. Or your young frankenstein friend. or MAYBE even a banana. Probably not a banana though, cause I just like burning down villages, and not necessarily delicious banana trees.
    - Also, the pink ranger was hot before I even knew what a girl was.

  8. tab looks badass. I have no many freaking ppl posting shit that makes no sense.

    "hey what do you guys think about xxxxx"


    then again most of those ppl have blogs that repost crap over and over again talking about insurance and other crap.

  9. I understand your frustration. Might I suggest posting in Latin from now on?

  10. The Amero tragedy sounds like the title of a good book, or movie....or album.

    I loved Power Rangers. They changed too damn much. I would've gotten over them eventually anyway, but still. So disappointing.

    I read about the Galaxy tab just the other day. I wasn't impressed.

  11. I read the entire post but will only comment about the Power Rangers part. When they became the ZEO Rangers and started fighting those Machines I lost it. How I long for the days of GOLDAR man. He kicked some ass.

  12. ive run into the same problem with my blog. but i love Frankenstein Junior and im glad you posted about it! also... i see what you did there... haha

  13. pretty awesome, thanks for sharing

  14. this is a good follow up entry to your last one

  15. lol I agree with futomora! Actually I told him to post in Sanskrit lol. You wouldn't believe the amount of generic responses you get with the blogs it's nuts.....

    I miss playing Magic the Gathering....

  16. The banana looks so happy! haha

  17. that post just kept on changing what it was on about, nice. Confusing those who don't read it I guess. I Miss the awesome old power rangers :(

  18. Still in two minds with the galaxy tab and the ipad..

  19. don't worry, i actually read your posts lol


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