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Friday, October 29, 2010

Why to search something from Google Home…

… when you can do it on my blog? :D
Yea bras, I’m goin’ to talk about Google AdSense for Search. Uh, I forgot it, good morning!

Combine Google search with AdSense to monetize more web pages.
It's a fundamental business rule: what's good for your customers is good for you. And that makes Google search a very good idea indeed.
Adding the Google search box to your website puts our search engine at your visitors' fingertips. And combining search with AdSense puts Google's base of advertisers to work for your bottom line.

Google search means more traffic.
As the world's largest search engine, Google provides search services to some of the Web's most popular sites, including Amazon, AOL, AT&T Worldnet, EarthLink and the New York Times. Every day we serve millions of users who know our no-paid-inclusions policy means they're getting totally unbiased results. And the better user experience that Google search offers means your visitors will spend more time on your site and return more often. AOL, for example, says Google search has increased search traffic by 33% and boosted customer satisfaction with search results.1

And search results pages mean money.
Google AdSense combines Google's search technology with thousands of keyword advertisers to deliver targeted text-based ads to search result pages. People find these ads useful and click on them, and when they do, Google pays you.
1 Wall Street Journal, July 16, 2003

You can find whole the article >here<

What are you waiting for? Edit the settings of your browsers and use my blog as your homepage! :D
Seriously, I'm just kidding; how about this possibility that Google offers us, bras?


  1. cool stuff, think im sticking with google tho lol

  2. Personally I'm going to wait until I just have wayyyyy too many pages to be perused alone. Then I'll add Google search.

  3. You should put a picture of naked chicks at the top. That way I'd use your blog for google.

  4. Yea, I'm still going to wait to add the search :P

  5. Thanks for the info. I'm looking into the search thing now.

  6. Grrr.... AdSense... I have a grudge against them ever since I've experienced their terrible support...

  7. @OneFourSeven: I would do it for you bra, but Google wouldn't approve it, I guess.
    @David Davidson: why do you think its support may be terrible?

  8. Use google chrome. No need to ever visit again.

  9. lol u made me laugh when u said from my blog!
    Maybe i will search from your blog ;p

  10. google search! I will try it out!

  11. hmmm.. I am tempted to try it out. I am afraid of making my layout over complicated though.

    Cool blog and nice posts!! come check out my music blog when you have a chance :)

  12. thanks. i'll have to try this. =)

  13. Oh google, so many ways to make us try to get a little slice o' the pie.

  14. Good info yo....keep it comin!

  15. Haha Alright, I suppose I could make this my homepage and search here instead of google... though it is google, just through you. confusing >.<


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