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Monday, October 11, 2010

In John Lennon Memory

This is the video dat appears, as you well know, if you clicked on google’s doodle from October 8, 2010 to… dunno, I think yesterday.

I wanna share with you theese few lines about this event copied from here.


It's hard to imagine which event sounds more implausible: 
John Lennon's 70th birthday or the 30th anniversary of his murder.
On the day when the Liverpool Lad would have become a septuagenarian, fans will visit Central Park's tranquil Strawberry Fields and attend a nearby benefit concert in Manhattan.
The memorial to the slain ex-Beatle and peace activist includes a mosaic donated by the city of Naples, Italy. A plaque lists 121 countries that endorse Strawberry Fields as a Garden of Peace.
The song observes that "living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see".
The birthday celebration got started on Friday in England, where Google UK released a video "doodle" to a Lennon soundtrack.


What do you think about this?
(with "this" I mean this video, this event, this John Lennon, this WTF my right armpit)



  1. i think that is a bit overrated, sorry if i hurt anyones feelings but hey- let a man rest in peace.

  2. So Google is trying to use John Lennon's birthday as some sort of promotion for their products/services?

  3. John Lennon died?

  4. good shit, my comp wouldnt play it for some reason but now i have seen it. i support this

  5. You always get more publicity when you're dead so the living can profit off products in your name. That's just how evil the industry is =/

    cool blog by the way!
    come check mine out too when you have the chance:)

  6. Was never keen on The Beatles, their music, message, or even the whole hippie movement. Sadly I guess I dont care about Lenon either.

  7. John Lennon was a legend! And I'm glad to see Google paying their respects.

  8. Thanx to all for all theese commentz.
    I agree with your opinions, dat is definitely overrated; everything can be used for money, welcome in to the world.

    Oh, I forget, what about my right armpit, any interest?
    Nobody wanted to hear something about my armpit ç_ç
    Why is this world so cruel?
    Uh, I'm forgettin', I have nothing to say about my right armpit.
    Even more sadness.

  9. interesting, I didn't know that...


  10. this is relevant to just what I was thinking about


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