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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh noes D:

Now my face is something like that D:
I'm angry, but I'm not destroying everything, the only thing I can say is: oh noes D:
My blog design decided to show its links blue and underlined. Yea I know, my advanced options on my Blogger Template Designer said to me: "Oh yea man, your links are fucking grey and there is't any option that allow you to choose if you would underline or not your links :D"
Oh thanx goddamn Template Designer, you allows me to manage my html codes, but I can't find anything could help me.
Now, maybe will help you bras to know the problem was born when I pasted as a New Post a text copied from a World (Office) doc in which I inserted some hypertestual links, and yes, in Microsoft World links are blue and underlined.
Oh I forgot something, all my Blog links, Title included, are not blue, but tadà, they're magically underlined.
If you can help me, write a comment, if you wanna write just a random comment I share a classic random video for you.

EDIT: Ok, new post, no more problems, what can I say? Dunno, enjoy this video, I love it.
I lost the game.


  1. Haha I love that video. Cat's are badass mofos.

  2. I like having the links underlined. Easy way for readers to tell they're links! And I've seen that artist's vids before. They're all pretty funny.

  3. haha yeah the template html isnt exactly organized :b

  4. I love Simon the cat! watched all episodes

  5. Glad that you fixed the problem.

    Also, this is exactly why I refuse to get a cat.

  6. haha.. hope my cat doesn't learn this >.<

  7. Haha! love it. I'll have to go see the other episodes now... also, goddamn you i hadn't lost in months..

  8. great vid, glad your link-woes are gone

  9. haha i know that video for a while :D soo funny and soo cute ^^

  10. lol that is definitely my cat every frickn morning, cept the baseball part haha and I hate the end of your blog XD

  11. This guy has a whole book like this. In comic form of course :D

  12. Haha I dunno. Whenever I read emoticons, I always have to act them out... :P

  13. asduihdsausd
    nice cartoon
    very funny
    following u


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