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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lockerz; scam?

  What is Lockerz?
It is an american site which offers to everyone a lot of free gifts thanks to gaining free points (PTZ) every day.
How can you gain PTZ? With daily login, answering DAILIES, your friends accept your invite, watching videos, buying from Shop.

I am a Lockerz member from about a year, and at first I was puzzled: it is a joke?
Lockerz is real, Redemptions are true and gifts it send you are palpable.
When I became a Z-member list (20 friends accepted my invite) I received a free T-shirt and some gadgets. I recently entered in a Redemption and I chose an item, I am waiting its coming.

You can became a member only through a member's invite.
If you like it and you wanna try it you may send an email to asking for an invite ;)

So, more informations?
Here there are the english forum and the Italian forum, where everyone can find any information.

Lockerz offers a lot of informations, special opportunities and possibilities on:

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